Bros Inc.’s “Dragger of the Year” celebrates personal success

“It ain’t no probably.”

October 30, 2018

When teenage brothers 410 YDB and Bully Boy Mael formed their duo Bros Inc., it wasn't just for music, but to make a mark on their community. The duo formed at a studio in their hometown Baltimore, TopQuality Sounds, which was launched to give youth in the city an outlet to express themselves musically in order to stay off the streets. The latest creation from that effort is titled "Dragger of the Year" and its video is premiering today on The FADER.


The song is a pounding back-and-forth between YDB and Mael that, for its majority, harps on how much the two have proven their worth over the year. “We have seen too many of our friends and family end up dead or in jail so the cycle has to stop," the artists said in an email conversation. "But we're excited for the future and helping our city and others in the process." In November, "Dragger of the Year" will be featured on Bros Inc.'s project Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, an ode to Boosie Bad Azz's 2015 album of the same name. Watch the video above.

Bros Inc.’s “Dragger of the Year” celebrates personal success