Jesse & Forever’s Spray paint yr life gold is warm and pretty

The lush and lovely pack of three tracks was recorded lakeside.

November 01, 2018
Jesse & Forever’s <i>Spray paint yr life gold</i> is warm and pretty Spray paint yr life gold cover art.   Cover art by Kylah Benes-Trapp.

Jesse & Forever is a project led by Brooklyn-based sax player, singer, and composer Jesse Scheinen. Premiering today on The FADER is his latest grouping of tracks, a three-song set entitled Spray paint yr life gold, and the songs pretty much have that effect on you when you listen through.


Made with his friend and drummer Pablo Eluchans during a few days spent at a house on Lake Champlain, and later mixed by artist and Onyx Collective member Nick Hakim at his studio in Queens.

The tracks are full, and give you the feeling of looking out on a glimmering body of water on a bright day. The first song, “THIS IS YOUR SONG,” feels like when you close your eyes and just let the sun’s beams wash over you. The second feels like the energy burst that comes from that sensation, and the third like a pleasant little comedown. It’s a real pretty and bright bunch of tracks that I’m happy found their way to my inbox, and hopefully you’ll feel the same after listening.

Listen to Spray paint yr heart gold below, buy it for yourself (or a pal) on Bandcamp, and look out for more from Jesse & Forever.

Jesse & Forever’s Spray paint yr life gold is warm and pretty