The song of the summer is Michael Kors

The designer’s new Instagram campaign uses an unforgettable song by the 2013 Hungarian Eurovision winner.

November 02, 2018

Honestly, forget everything you've ever thought about songs named after designers. Versace, Raf, Comme Des Garcons, Vlone, whatever. They've all been rendered meaningless by Michael Kors. Yes, say it with me now: Michael Michael Kors.


Last week, the brand posted an Instagram video promoting its new collection, one inspired by 1990s New York street style. It features models in thick chains, lots of bum bags, and, most importantly, the wildest Instagram soundtrack I've ever heard. The song consists of just two words, but they're sung with such true earnest affection, such love and devotion, that I could listen on repeat forever. The thing is, it sounds exactly like you'd imagine it would sound, but also 50 times better. That's just Michael Kors, Michael Michael Kors, baby.

Turns out the clip is an edit of a song called “Korskorskors” (never enough Kors) by a Hungarian singer named Senkise, who also won the 2013 Eurovision contest under the name ByeAlex.

Eurovision! Michael Kors! Just imagine what's next for this guy. Now watch the whole damn video below.

Thumbnail photo Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images.

The song of the summer is Michael Kors