Take a dance break with IDER’s powerful new video for “Mirror”

Watch the North London pop duo’s new visual now.

November 05, 2018

The North London pop duo IDER is Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville, and their music often touches on themes of sisterhood and empowerment. Their bond and musically-compatible relationship seems to be welded strong by the fact that they live, do, and share everything with each other. Perhaps as a welcome side effect, when their voices mingle together in their songs they weave delicate, silver-plated harmonies.


In October, the two released "Mirror," a vulnerable single about coming to terms with life's shit, and your sense of self through it all. Today, the duo are premiering the powerful accompanying music video on The FADER, in which Megan and Lily live parallel lives reflected through a split screen. At the end, when the split screen finally melts away, and after a rewarding bridge breakdown, the two dance like all hell together in an empty parking lot; It feels like a shared triumph.

Of the video the duo wrote via email, "We wanted to create a video for 'Mirror' that reflected the honesty, vulnerability and power of the song. We worked with director Lily Rose Thomas, who brought to life the concept of sisterhood and female empowerment, which is at the heart of 'Mirror,' and us as a duo. It was important to us that we challenged ourselves and were pushed out of our comfort zone, which we achieved with the help of choreographer Anna Engerström, who developed the movement from the emotion of the song and our instinctual performance."

Thumbnail credit to Lottie Turner.

Take a dance break with IDER’s powerful new video for “Mirror”