Hello Yello’s “Feel That Again” makes you crave the good times

The Oakland band steps out with their new sunny and angsty track about chasing the next high.

November 08, 2018

My favorite scene in Hello Yello’s video for “Feel That Again” is a fleeting view of a breakfast plate. For a few seconds, you see two perfect sunny-side-up eggs, a pair of tongs coming in the shot pleasantly placing a curved piece of bacon below them, making a smiley face. It reminds me of the small moments that kind of make you smile yourself, the ones that keep you afloat in between life’s true highs.


Chasing that next high is what the Oakland band’s new song and video are all about. Illegal Civilization’s Aramis Hudson stars in the clip, going through an average day, catching a few more slightly heart rate-boosting moments before running into some mood-busters. His day’s soundtracked by Hello Yello’s sunny-yet-angsty track, brought to life by bassist Jaden, his brother and guitarist/vocalist Dylan, and their friend and drummer Martin. Together the three create a sunny-yet-angsty mood that’s hard to escape, the song’s hook (”I wanna feel that agaaaaaain”) ringing in your head long after the track’s done playing.

“When we formed Hello Yello, this was one of the first songs that we recorded,” Dylan shared of the track over email. “It made us realize how far we wanted to stretch our sound.” I’m stoked to hear how that stretch takes form in the future. In the meantime, check out “Feel That Again” above, and look out for more from the Oakland trio.

Hello Yello’s “Feel That Again” makes you crave the good times