Mitski singing “Nobody” acapella will give you chills

“Please enjoy this musical theater audition.”

November 29, 2018

Mitski has shared a fully acapella recording of "Nobody," a highlight from her 2018 album Be The Cowboy. The live take, recorded as part of a longer SiriuXM session, strips the original of its disco-lite backing track and leaves Mitski's vocals to tell her story of loneliness on their own.


Tweeting about the unique version of her song, Mitski wrote: "Please enjoy this musical theater audition. Think it's fitting that I'm singing with nobody and nothing - the song in its truest form."

She later added: "And the headphones are for me to hear my own voice because this studio is actually in the middle of the Sirius office lol, don't let the cynics tell you there's backing tracks in there, it's all live baby."

Check out the acapella rendition above and revisit The FADER's recent interview with Mitski here.

Mitski singing “Nobody” acapella will give you chills