Enter the world’s most inclusive club with Cola Boyy’s “Beige 70” video

The Oxnard disco-maker’s new video is a revolutionary reimagining of what a club scene could look like.

December 11, 2018

Cola Boyy is Matthew Urango, an Oxnard, California-based musician making tender disco-pop with a brilliant, much-needed injection of revolution. In September, Urango dropped his debut EP Black Boogie Neon, which has been reimagined as a fantastic new club in his video for "Beige 70," premiering today on The FADER.


Shot at the real Le Peripate club in Paris, the video follows office workers unwinding after a day at work, watching Cola Boyy and his crew jam onstage. But the best part is the people we see in the club: disabled and abled-bodied people, people otherwise deemed "different," enjoying themselves and having fun. Clubs and bars are notoriously exclusive places, so to see Urango imagine a future where the opposite can be possible, is a breath of fresh air. Plus, the song slaps.

"Did you notice it? The disabled and the different at “Black Boogie Neon” can enjoy themselves without stigma or judgement," Urango writes of the video via email. "This is the video for 'Beige 70.' To show us as what we decide to be. To enjoy ourselves with style. To laugh. We’re not made of glass. You'll learn a lot about yourself when you take the chance to listen with your ears, and not just stare at us with your eyes. “

Enter the world’s most inclusive club with Cola Boyy’s “Beige 70” video