Woman’s Hour return with “Don’t Speak”

Watch the U.K. band’s first video from upcoming album Ephyra.

December 12, 2018

Woman's Hour's first new song in half a decade represents a beginning and an end. The song, an icy blast of synths and cut-glass melody, is the first material from the British band's forthcoming second album, Ephyra. It's also about the reasons they decided to split following the recording of the album, and how releasing the music now acts as a kind of post-mortem on a band's toughest moments.


Ephyra will be released on February 15 and "Don't Speak" is a perfect reintroduction to the band's sleek, monochromatic dream-pop sound. Unspoken tensions from the band's strained recording sessions emerge as song lyrics with Fiona Burgess singing "Don't speak, you'll see" over a hypnotic and ephemeral beat.

Speaking to The FADER via email Burgess said of the "Don't Speak" video: “The film centres around two dancers enclosed in a fragile wooden house structure. It was clear to me that dance could offer a way to visualise the struggle within the song. Physical touch, the push and pull, each movement signals emotions we as a band were unable to express in words. Working with Anders Hayward and Ellis Saul was so intuitive and easy. They brought my vision to life so beautifully, I'm so grateful to have worked with them on this.”


Ephyra tracklist:

"Don’t Speak"
"From Eden To Exile Then Into Dust"
"I Can’t Take You Seriously"
"It’s A Blast"
"Removal Of Hope"

Ephyra is out on February 15 2019 via Practise Music. Pre-order the album now.
Woman’s Hour return with “Don’t Speak”