Calgary-based duo Beach Season create magic with “Time & Place”

Watch the short film below.

December 15, 2018

Over the last few years, the visual album has become ubiquitous - blending high-concept vignettes with multiple songs from a project to create the perfect musical dream in an increasingly visual world. Calgary-based electro/alt-r&b duo Beach Season have done just that, sharing an exclusive short film to go along with their just-released EP, Time & Place. The film goes through the motions of love, loss, longing and moving on, all set to a soundtrack of moody, pulsing production.


"These songs were born in different corners of the world, and they matured as they brought us to unfamiliar places, new faces, and unexpected connections," the duo said. "What we wish for these songs is simple: To create a time and place of their own in the memories of the people who chance to hear them, wherever they may be."

Watch the film above, and stream the project below.

Thumbnail image via artist.

Calgary-based duo Beach Season create magic with “Time & Place”