BEAR1BOSS’s “Hi I’m Dope” sounds like an outer space transmission

Watch the video for the first offering from the Atlanta rapper’s upcoming SUPERFANCY project with producer 14golds.

January 03, 2019

On the heels of last year’s Prince of Pop project, Atlanta’s BEAR1BOSS, delivers a new video for “Hi I’m Dope,” a psychedelic, nasal transmission that could have been recorded in outer space or underwater. His music falls into a similar vein as other Atlanta outsiders and appears to draw influence from one of rap’s foremost weirdos, Young Thug, as well as other unorthodox artists like Key! and the Awful Records roster. The rapper’s latest effort is no different: his strange flows and melodies ooze over 14gold’s mellow production like Gushers filling — at any point, it sounds like he might break out into a full on squeal.


In the video, which premieres on The FADER today, 1BOSS makes the usual rounds: walking through the city, being generally silly in front of a green screen, and maintaining a sense of comfort in front of a variety of graffitied walls, stairwells and a sectional couch. “Me and 14golds like Gucci and Zaytoven,” BEAR1BOSS told The FADER over email. “‘Dope” is just a sample of the fun that’s soon to come.” The duo plans to release their collaborative project SUPERFANCY this year.

BEAR1BOSS’s “Hi I’m Dope” sounds like an outer space transmission