Clairmont The Second keeps it low-key in “Grip”

Watch the video below.

January 05, 2019

Reflection and a love of all things low key comes naturally for Toronto-based MC and producer Clairmont The Second, who recently released his latest visual, "Grip". The song sees the rapper bounding across his own energetic production, making his flow the star alongside the minimalist but fun video.


"It's ultimately a song about me, what I've seen, my experiences, my thoughts, and things of that nature," the artist told The FADER over email. "For the video, I just wanted to have fun. Beee and I shot it over a few days." It should come as no surprise that the song and video are an all in-house affair, as the rapper has been taking a hands-on approach since the start of his career.

He went on to add that he's already finished his next project, the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Lil Mont From The Ave, and sees his own artistic growth continue to take shape. "I'm a better writer now, I'm a better producer now, I'm better at directing and editing videos, my art direction is better, and I ultimately don't let what's happening around me influence my work," he explains. "For Lil Mont from The Ave I was trying to somewhat fit a mold but simultaneously staying true to myself, my production elements, and what I talk about. With the newer album, I just made what came naturally to me."

Watch the video above.

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Clairmont The Second keeps it low-key in “Grip”