La Dispute flip a Greek myth for the gorgeous “FOOTSTEPS AT THE POND” video

The Michigan band will share their new album Panorama on March 22.

January 09, 2019

On March 22, Michigan post-hardcore group La Dispute will release a new album Panorama, their first since 2014's Rooms Of The House. "FOOTSTEPS AT THE POND," the band's new song, is full of turbulent lashings of guitar and apocalyptic bellows, but in its quieter moments, you can hear that the real motor is an underlying tenderness.


That vibe is visualized in the song's animated music video, premiering here, directed by Daisy Fernandez. Our hero makes a perilous journey into an ever-shifting maze, searching for a treasure at the center. The lovely animation and storyline of revised myths makes the clip reminiscent of the PS2 game Ico, if it was designed by David O'Reilly.

Over email, La Dispute singer Jordan Dreyer shared his thoughts on the song. "Footsteps at the pond. Bootprints in snow on hills sloped downward toward water and toward broken ice. Had that vision all summer in the same place driving back and forth between homes while we were writing. This song is about reckoning with flaws, about letting the best people down, about nearly drowning but for them."

Thumbnail photo by Pooneh Ghana

La Dispute flip a Greek myth for the gorgeous “FOOTSTEPS AT THE POND” video