Amaal returns with “Not What I Thought”

Watch the beautiful visuals below.

January 12, 2019

Toronto-based singer Amaal laid low for much of 2018, but started 2019 off on a high note with her latest single, "Not What I Thought".


The ballad serves as the first release from her forthcoming debut EP, and it's pulsing production providing the perfect backdrop to soaring vocals. Exploring the end of a relationship and the pathways that lead people from love to estrangement, it asks the tough questions about what it means to really know someone.

The breathtaking visuals are directed by creative Sean Brown, best known for his work with Daniel Caesar, and perfectly captures not only the lush landscapes of Iceland, but the quiet resilience of moving on after love lost. "I feel as a woman there is a deep personal connection to Mother Nature in all her forms," Amaal said of the video. "I wanted to represent my oneness with the earth in all these raw majestic places. Showing that regardless of the hurt caused, we are powerful beyond measure."

Watch the video above.

Thumbnail image via Sean Brown.

Amaal returns with “Not What I Thought”