Listen to Nardeydey’s “FreeFalling” and stay positive

The London-based jazz and pop artist drops her second single.

January 14, 2019
Listen to Nardeydey’s “FreeFalling” and stay positive

Nardeydey, a.k.a. Shirley Tetteh, only dropped her debut single “Speedial” in late 2018 but she is fast developing a reputation as one of London's most versatile and exciting musicians. Having cut her teeth as part of the city's vibrant jazz scene with all-woman collective Nérija, Nardeydey allows Tetteh to channel that same energy into off-kilter pop. Today, via The FADER, she debuts new single "FreeFalling," a melodic ode to keeping positive.


Lyrically, "FreeFalling" skips between romantic visions of the sun's "golden beams" and the down to earth ackowledgement that "Maybe because it's midday sitting on a train I'm romanticising the fuck out of you." These words sit on top of an instrumental packed with detail, skipping as it does between a minimal drum beat and a crunchy electro-pop moment.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Nardeydey said: "Freefallin' started when I was asked to make something to play at the Black photographers gallery for London Jazz Festival. It was originally meant to be an instrumental but then I thought, 'actually lyrics would work great on this'.

"The words were a way of me finding a palatable way of writing about falling in love with being happy, hence the sun metaphor - it's actually a bit of a clunky metaphor so I don't normally tell folks about it! I remember I was getting the [London Underground] Northen line train back to Totteridge and Whetstone a couple years back, it was a beautiful sunny day with the sun shinning through the leaves and the windows, the train had just come through the tunnel out into the open, and I started writing."

Listen to Nardeydey’s “FreeFalling” and stay positive