Spotify rolls out ability to mute artists

A new update will allow users to essentially hide certain artists from autoplaying on the streaming platform.

January 21, 2019
Spotify rolls out ability to mute artists Mike Pont/Getty Images

Spotify is rolling out a new function which will allow users to mute certain artists, Thurrot reports. The feature, already present on many users' accounts, is listed under the "..." category on each individual artists' page on the streaming platform. By selecting "Don't play this artist," Spotify will effectively prevent any song by that artist from autoplaying on a radio station or playlist. Additionally, users must unmute said artist before being able to choose to listen to their music again.


The new feature arrives after Spotify nullified a "Hateful Conduct" policy that was introduced back in May 2018. The policy, which erased artists such as XXXTentacion and R. Kelly from playlists and promotions, was ultimately criticized for the fact that it put the power of judging a particular artist's moral compass in the hands of the streaming platform. It was promptly redacted the following month.

Spotify rolls out ability to mute artists