Koffee can’t be stopped in her “Throne” video

Take a trip to Spanish Town, Jamaica with the rising reggae artist.

January 22, 2019

It is a testament to the charisma that 18-year-old reggae artist Koffee brings to her music that you only realize after it ends that her "Throne" video is about being stuck in traffic. There is nothing static about Koffee's infectious energy, which runs through the vibey new single and music video, the latter of which is premiering above via The FADER.


In the visual, Koffee takes us on a whistle-stop tour of her home in Spanish Town, Jamaica as a taxi cab speeds through the streets. She passes dancing windscreen washers plus a strong military and police presence before getting stopped at the lights. Not wanting the movement to stop, she hops out of the window and makes her own way down the road.

Speaking to The FADER about her second single, Koffee said: “'Throne' is representative of strong, positive female energy and empowerment. It is meant to be an inspiration to Jamaica and the world to eliminate corruption and embrace culture and the youth."

Check out the video above.

Koffee can’t be stopped in her “Throne” video