TLC want to perform “No Scrubs” with Weezer

The rock band released a covers album, including the 1999 classic, this week.

January 25, 2019
TLC want to perform “No Scrubs” with Weezer TLC (L) and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.   Ethan Miller/Kevin Winter/Getty

On Thursday, January 24, Weezer surprised fans by dropping The Teal Album, a collection of them covering songs by Michael Jackson, Black Sabbath and TLC among others. The project is the latest move in Weezer's leaning in to its corny side but many fans have embraced it, as too has Chilli from TLC.


Tweeting about Weezer's take on "No Scrubs," she suggested a joint performance was a distinct possibility. "This #NoScrubs cover by @Weezer is AWESOME!!! but it would be even better if we sang it with ya'll!!! I see a TLC Weezer concert coming"

Chilli echoed this message in an interview with Rolling Stone on Thursday. “When I heard it, I loved it! They did a great job. I hope we can perform it together” she said, adding that the cover proves Rivers Cuomo et al are good guys. "If they were scrubs, they wouldn’t sing the song with this type of confidence,”

Check out the "No Scrubs" cover below.

TLC want to perform “No Scrubs” with Weezer