Irish rapper Jafaris swaps Dublin for L.A. in his “Time” video

Watch the sunny new visual now.

February 07, 2019

"Time" is a great introduction to Jafaris, a Dublin-based rapper that brings a sense of joy to everything he does. The track is all about feeling free and channeling good energy into the world. At one point he raps "too cool for the effort" and the music reflects that sentiment. It all feels effortless.


The "Time" video, premiering above, is similarly breezy. Jafaris headed to Los Angeles for the shoot and we catch him fishing off a pier, playing pool, and generally enjoying life.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Jafaris said: "This video embodies the message of the song very well, it's really just me going away and taking time to reconnect with myself and to experience new things, for a long while before this I was using up a lot of energy and brain power to feed the people around me but in doing so I neglected myself and before it could get to a detrimental state, this song came about as a therapeutic method."

Check out the video above. Jafaris's album Stride is out on March 8.

Irish rapper Jafaris swaps Dublin for L.A. in his “Time” video