Prospa’s “Prayer” video understands dancing is a religion

Watch the surreal new visual from the British producers.

February 25, 2019

Prospa, two young producers from Leeds, England, channel an inner soul diva on their propulsive new song "Prayer." The accompanying video, shot in the Ukraine by director João Retorta, taps into the same spirit of hedonism and the dancefloor combining, with a group of people extolling the virtues of what goes on when the music is loud and the lights are down.


Set in a non-descript building that could double as anything from a warehouse rave spot to a psychiatric ward, the surreal nature of the visuals rub up against the very real testimonies of the young people on screen. At the end a simple question flashes up: "Where else can you find this kind of love?"

Speaking to The FADER via email, Prospa said: “The "Prayer" video is a vivid emotional journey navigated by genius director João Retorta. It tells a raw story of youth, euphoria and love.”

Prospa’s “Prayer” video understands dancing is a religion