Wiley responds to Skepta diss track with “Don’t Bread Me”

Available only through SendSpace.

February 27, 2019

Wiley and Skepta's tempestuous relationship took a turn for the worse in January when Skepta dropped a diss track aimed at the veteran grime MC. The reason for the diss track? Wiley taking shots at Skepta on record and then failing to show up for his own birthday party at which Skepta was performing. "Came to your party, you weren't there / Came to your house but you weren't there" Skepta rapped on "Wish You Were Here."


It's taken a little while for Wiley to respond to Skepta but today, February 27, is the day grime fans have been waiting for. "Don't Bread Me" is Wiley's response and, somewhat bizarrely, it's available only via file sharing site SendSpace. Presumably it will make its way to a streaming service shortly.

Wiley doesn't hold back on the insults, referencing Skepta being arrested in Australia, accusations he stopped brother JME from releasing music, and chashing clout. Download the track now and wait on Skepta's reply.

Wiley responds to Skepta diss track with “Don’t Bread Me”