Frank Ocean shares tattoo inspired by Matt Groening illustration

The Simpsons creator provides inspiration for Frank’s latest ink.

March 18, 2019

Frank Ocean shared one of his infrequent Instagram updates over the weekend, posting a shot of a new tattoo on his thigh.


As fansite Blonded Blog points out, the new tattoo features two characters from a cartoon by Simpsons creator Matt Groening dating back to 1983. The image, which can be seen in full below, outlines the perceived personality traits of "Homo" and "Hetero" people, revealing more similarities than differences.

The image covers up an old tattoo on Ocean's right leg. The old image was inspired by Studio Ghibli movie Castle in the Sky. A screenshot from the movie was featured in the Boys Don't Cry zine published alongside the release of Ocean's Blonded in 2016.

Earlier this year Ocean was forced to deny speculation that his album Endless would appear on streaming services. His Tumblr was also hacked, with the hacker offering to sell MP3s of collaborations with SZA and Andre 3000 among others.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty.

Frank Ocean shares tattoo inspired by Matt Groening illustration