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Watch J.I.D’s interview with Nardwuar

The Dreamville Records rapper and Little Dragon stan

March 19, 2019

Nardwaur the Human Serviette has harnessed his unrivaled research skills for a new interview with J.I.D, the Atlanta rapper behind the much-lauded project DiCaprio 2. In a nod to the Leonardo D.'s biggest hit, one of Nardwaur's signature gifts is a Titanic pin from the 1997 film, but his other treats are far less obvious: other presents reveal J.I.D to be a huge fan of Little Dragon, Langston Hughes, and Goodie Mob, as well as a star high school football player. The deep cuts on J.I.D's background are especially deep, leading to a lot of exasperated gasping and, eventually, an imitation of Lil Uzi Vert's escape from his own Nardwaur interview. Watch above.

Watch J.I.D’s interview with Nardwuar