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smartwater smartbeats launches at FADER FORT with Toro y Moi

“It’s an experiment at its core[...] There’s this amazing corner of science-based music that is gaining momentum

March 19, 2019
smartwater smartbeats launches at FADER FORT with Toro y Moi

This week at FADER FORT, one of today’s most sought-after live music events, smartwater debuted a new initiative that blurs music and technology — smartwater smartbeats. The program, which will come to life in the coming months, will bridge technology, scientific data and popular music to create an innovative collaboration between popular artists and tech experts to leverage music as a tool to become more productive in work, fitness and meditation.


“It’s an experiment at its core,” said Mike McGarry, Group Director, Integrated Marketing Communications, Coca-Cola North America. “There’s this amazing corner of science-based music that is gaining momentum. In addition to this swell, there are so many amazing musicians who are getting personally interested in different facets of wellness. smartwater thought it would be pretty smart to connect the dots, give these artist studio time and see what happens.”

The new program is a continuation of smartwater’s commitment to the fusion of culture, music, and wellness building on past and future partnerships with The Big Quiet and ongoing work with smartwater’s Creative Director of Welness, Joe Holder.

“We are beginning to see the concept of wellness expand past individual responsibility and physical activity,” said Joe Holder. “We realize the need to create infrastructures and provide tools utilizing technology that serve a greater purpose and making sure we help people. This infusion of music + culture + tech seeks to achieve this, hopefully expand the concept of wellness, and have our partners fuse their passions together in an interesting way!”

smartwater invited a select group of artists and wellness experts to talk about the endeavor. Holder led a conversation at FADER FORT with the following group to discuss the initiative: Chaz Bear: Singer, songwriter, record producer, and graphic designer; Jesse Israel, Founder of Big Quiet; and Will Henshall, Founder of Focus@Will (a new neuroscience based music service).

FADER FORT, an annual invitation-only event at Austin Texas’ South by Southwest (SXSW), is widely touted for its success in launching the careers of today’s biggest music stars.

“FADER FORT is in its 17th year,” said Andy Cohn, President and Publisher of The FADER. “And discovery has always been at the core. This event is a natural environment to kick off smartwater’s smartbeats program. People come to SXSW with the expectation of learning about something new and innovative. When it comes to the convergence of music and technology — there is no better place to be”. 

Chaz Bear, known professionally as Toro y Moi, will be the program’s lead artist and will begin collaborating with experts in the space of music and technology. He will begin recording sessions in early Spring.

Additional artists will be announced later in the year.

Chaz, the definition of a multi-hyphenate, is a singer, songwriter, record producer and graphic designer. His interest in design and music synced naturally with smartwater’s new smartbeats program.

“Music, having the power that it does, builds community,” said Chaz. “For me, I aspire to partner with companies that do the same — build community. I’m in on this project. I’m excited to see what we can create.”

smartwater smartbeats launches at FADER FORT with Toro y Moi