Weyes Blood’s “Movies” video makes me want an actual Weyes Blood movie

Watch the self-directed video from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Titanic Rising.

March 19, 2019

The album cover for Weyes Blood's upcoming album Titanic Rising depicts the singer-songwriter chilling in an underwater bedroom, and that visual theme is explored in her new, self-directed video for "Movies." Watch it above.


In the clip, a sunken blonde Weyes Blood is the star of a film being screened in a movie theater. Her performance is so breathtaking that the moviegoers in the cinema eventually join her in the film, and it only gets more moving when we cut to Weyes Blood singing on a hill and diving into the mysterious waters herself. The new visuals are created with a unique and classic sensibility which would probably do wonders in a feature-length film.

Read Weyes Blood's press statement on the video below:

We are enamored with Movies. Our generation is the most cinematically saturated of all time. Videotapes, DVD's, streaming... Spielberg...all of it has thrust us into an endless loop of consumption. They provide formative experiences as children, standing larger than life before our fragile adolescent minds. I wanted to take a look into the emotionally manipulative powers of Movies - how have Movies succeeded in telling the myths of our time? How have they failed (miserably)? What is the consequent effect on a society of beings looking for themselves in the myths on the screen? It's safe to say that they have failed us, but I can't help it...I love Movies.

Weyes Blood's new album Titanic Rising is out April 5 via Sub Pop. Check out her upcoming tour dates here.

Weyes Blood’s “Movies” video makes me want an actual Weyes Blood movie