British band Badgirl$’s “Juice” video is a mini crime saga

Watch the Manchester trio’s new video ahead of the release of their debut mixtape.

March 20, 2019

Hearing a new band from Manchester, England often means bracing yourself for the influence of Noel and Liam Gallagher to be extended that bit further, casting an ever larger shadow across the northern city. Badgirl$, however, offer a fresh take on what it means to be a Manchester band. Their new single "Juice," premiering above, continues the group's exploration of the SoundCloud rap aesthetic from a rock band's perspective, settling into a scuzzy, slurred and anthemic spot in the middle.


The "Juice" video, directed by Ethan Barrett and Tom Gullam PKA Crush, sees all three members of the group dragged out into the woods like something out of The Sopranos. The trio eventually winds up in prison. "Juice" plays in the background, the prophetic line "all this money on me, all these eyes on me now" ringing out as they run riot among their fellow prisoners.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Badgirl$'s Billi said: "'Juice' is based around a melodic pop hook and combines a gritty British post-punk sound with lo-fi trap beats. It is about being depressed lonely and addicted to drugs yet trying to pretend were balling."

Meanwhile, Bubz explained a little more about the story of the video: "We are too good of a band for the public to like so all the labels are trying to grab us and put us in prison, but we can’t be arsed with that so we got off and start a new band called Good Boys."

Badgirl$ release new mixtape Bethnal on March 21 via Black Butter.
British band Badgirl$’s “Juice” video is a mini crime saga