Grace Acladna turns darkness into light in her “Fuming” video

Watch the Londoner’s brand new visuals.

March 21, 2019

London-based Grace Acladna's new video juxtaposes light and dark to devastating effect. The clip, premiering above, begins with an extreme close-up on Alcadna's face as a backdrop for the self-produced and bass heavy song. Just as things begin to feel too heavy, however, all that is closed off is opened as nature and light are introduced alongside the song's pointed chorus.


Written about a toxic relationship a friend of hers was in, Acladna sings of being "fuming from your hurt, from your love." It's an exciting taste of the experimental artist's upcoming EP, Phonophobia.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Acladna explained: "I originally wrote 'Fuming' about a friend's ex. When I met her she talked about ex's that had done her wrong and it was like she couldn't shake that sense of injustice off her. She had this aura of contempt and angst that followed her everywhere she went. It was almost like you could smell the smoke coming off her. There was something quite sinister about the whole thing. This song is my portrait of her - the verses portray the cool subdued exterior and the choruses reveal a pain stricken heart that cloaks itself in fear, rage and envy.

"I co-directed the video with a friend, C.O.M.M. I took inspiration from the film Inferno by Henri George Clouzot, which was never released. The film is about a man who is convinced that his wife is cheating on him, which sends him spiralling into envy induced madness. Not only is it visually beautiful but the theme of the film had similarities to the sentiment of the song."

Grace Acladna turns darkness into light in her “Fuming” video