MorMor shares music video for “Outside”

The Toronto pop prodigy is heading on tour in 2019.

March 21, 2019

Toronto-based dream-pop artist MorMor is back with a new single called "Outside." It's a catchy synth-driven number with a smiliar tear-stained twinkle as bands like The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, and the track's music video, seen above, rides that wave to unexpected places. Even if you're not a fan of clowns, it's tough not to feel moved by the video's rendition of the lonely clown trope, shot through the lens of lingering childhood trauma.


"'Outside' was written at a time when I was quite isolated," MorMor said in a press release. "I've always felt rather alienated, so I wanted to ensnare that feeling and make it my own." Watch the video for "Outside" above and check out MorMor's world tour dates here.

MorMor shares music video for “Outside”