Everyone feels 03 Greedo’s absence in the “Trap House” video

A cardboard cut-out fills in for the incarcerated rapper in the latest video from Greedo and Mustard’s Still Summer in the Projects.

March 29, 2019

Since he turned himself to serve a 20-year sentence last June, 03 Greedo's absence has loomed large over L.A. rap, but the Watts rapper promised fans that he had recorded enough material to last until he returns home. The first project he'll release from behind bars is Still Summer in the Projects, a collaborative album with Mustard, due out April 5.


In the video for "Trap House," a single from the upcoming project, Greedo is replaced by a cardboard cut-out, as fans, Shoreline Mafia's Ohgeesy and Rob Vicious, and Greedo's fiancé all pose for photographs in "Free Greedo" merch. While Greedo provides a typically catchy hook, Ohgeesy and Rob Vicious deliver the verses about getting money. “It’s deeper than music with Greedo," Rob Vicious told The FADER over email. "It’s only right I come support my brother because he would do the same for us. #FreeGreedo.”

Everyone feels 03 Greedo’s absence in the “Trap House” video