The 20 best rock songs right now

March’s list includes Tame Impala, Jenny Lewis. Mac DeMarco, and many more.

March 29, 2019
The 20 best rock songs right now Mac DeMarco   YouTube

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Tame Impala, "Patience"

Tame Impala usher in the start of spring with disco synths and sparkly congas.


Vampire Weekend, "Sunflower"

Steve Lacy of The Internet joins Ezra Koenig, as Vampire Weekend embrace scatting.


Karen O + Danger Mouse, "Woman"

If your only takeaway from Karen O and Danger Mouse’s new album Lux Prima is to watch the very cool Late Show performance of “Woman,” that’s probably OK.



Mac DeMarco, "Nobody"

Mac DeMarco continues to charm with his homespun songs.


Nilufer Yanya, "Baby Blu"

Nilufer Yanya’s Miss Universe is already stuck on repeat, and “Baby Blu” is a highlight. The breakup song gathers pace as it goes, whipping regret, hope, and a little of Womack & Womack’s “Teardrops” into its vortex.


Jenny Lewis, "On The Line"

Bobby, how could you?


PUP, "Scorpion Hill"

“Scorpion Hill” is a stark and introspective song that manages to find some humor in the darker moments of life. In a world in need of nuance, PUP are leading the way.


MorMor, "Outside"

MorMor’s delicate touch with melody and production belies the huge amount of heart buried in his music. “Outside” tackles feelings of alienation in touching fashion.


Black Midi, “Crow’s Perch”

If buzz bands still exist, then Black Midi might be the buzziest new band around. “Crow’s Perch” is the London group’s latest release on Rough Trade and catches their fizzing live energy perfectly.


Stef Chura, "Method Man"

Chura shows the finger to a patronizing older man “Rippin’ up a box of books he says I’ll never understand,” on this grunge-y and abrasive taste of her upcoming album Midnight.


Orville Peck, “Dead Of Night”

The masked country singer’s story of two hustlers traveling through the Nevada desert is told with big-screen scope and heartbreaking intimacy.


girl in red, "i need to be alone"

Norwegian bedroom pop artist girl in red’s excellent new single is powered by pent up frustration and an energy waiting to be unleashed.


Drahla, "Stimulus For Living"

British trio Drahla takes a deep dive into the no-wave movement of the ‘70s with a single smeared generously in dissonance and a palpable sense of grimy discomfort.


Pixx, "Disgrace"

4AD’s Pixx takes aim at her Catholic education and creates a dark synth-pop tune for anyone looking to break out of a situation they don’t belong in.


Sorry, "Jealous Guy"

Londoners Sorry are out here suggesting this summer’s big look will be bowler hats and cigars.


Weyes Blood, "Movies"

I wonder what Weyes Blood thought Us was about? Anyway, this song is beautiful.


Pile, "Bruxist Grin”

“Bruxist Grin” recounts Pile frontman Rick Maguire’s first panic attack with a delicacy that doesn’t detract from the band’s heavy-hitting sound in the slightest.


Club Night, "Path"

“We need an education, compassion or a shred of empathy,” Amen.


Lambchop, "The December-ish You"

Lambchop’s latest album is a triumph. This ghostly song unfurls itself slowly, with an assuring confidence, lit-up by Wagner’s digitally enhanced vocals.


Lowly, “Stephen”

Written on the day of Stephen Hawking’s death, Swedish band Lowly’s new single ponders on the thought of life after the loss of genius.

The 20 best rock songs right now