Dua Saleh brings the thermal energy in new video for “Warm Pants”

The Minnesota artist offers a new clip from their debut project Nūr.

April 04, 2019

At the top of this year, Dua Saleh released their debut project Nūr, a viscous EP that demonstrated the Sudan-born, Minnesota-based artist's knack for galvanic grooves. One of the highlights of the project is a song called "Warm Pants," a yearning moment of vulnerability colored by Psymun and SinGrinch's production. Today, they're sharing a new video for the track. The Braden Lee-directed clip depicts Saleh as a flicker of heat in an otherwise frigid landscape. Read Saleh's statement on the video below:


“Warm Pants is a story about searching for warmth after being cast into the frigid terrain of heartbreak. In the video, I shift between running across a frozen lake and moving through a sundial, fashioned from tall pillars of ice. The frozen lake signifies the expansive reach of this love story. The pillars represent a state of limbo. I feel trapped in time repeating the same cycles and collapsing into a state of agony.”

Check out the "Warm Pants" video above, and hear Dua Saleh's entire debut project below.

Thumbnail image by Izzy Commers.

Dua Saleh brings the thermal energy in new video for “Warm Pants”