Hide your favorite soccer team from Drake

Fans are fearful of the Drake curse after dominant French side PSG caught an inhumane 5-1 ass-whooping at the hands of Lille OSC last Sunday.

April 16, 2019

We've seen OVO honcho and basketball enthusiast Drake, show love and support to almost every notable team in every major sport over the past few years.


Unfortunately, the Drizzy cosign in sports is potentially the worst possible thing since Lil B's dreaded BasedGod curse. Teams who've come in contact with him have suffered unfortunate and unusual setbacks.

Take Paris St. Germain for instance. this past weekend, Drake took a photo with the Ligue 1 team's left-back Layvin Kurzawa (above), who ultimately posted the flick on Instagram. A day later on Sunday, April 13, the usually dominant French side suffered their worst defeat in nearly 10 years: a brutal 5-1 ass-whooping at the hands of Lille OSC.

The team, who is packed with World Class talent like World Cup-winning stud Kylian Mbappe and Brazilian sensation Neymar, was left stunned. Mbappe woefully told reporters that they "played like beginners," which is quite plausible, but fans aren't taking any chances.

In the match's aftermath, supporters of clubs across Europe have urged Drake to stay away from their sides for fear of being infected by the curse. Some clubs aren't wasting time in taking precaution; Italian side AS Roma tweeted on Monday that all their players have been banned from taking photos with the 6 God until the end of the season.

Some teams might be shit out of luck, however, as Drake has been seen taking photos with or rocking jerseys of players from some of Europe's greatest sides in recent years.

Fans of Barclays Premier League side Arsenal will probably be on high alert after an older photo of Drake and the club's current forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang surfaced online recently. London side Chelsea may need to go the extra mile to exorcise the curse and burn their home ground, as photos have appeared of Drake physically on the pitch with club legend Didier Drogba.


Now, with most European leagues wrapping up their seasons in the next two months, and with the coveted Champions League title on the line, you'll want to hope Drake has never heard of your favorite side, or at least hope they've got a non-fashionable kit.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Bob Levey/Getty Images.

Hide your favorite soccer team from Drake