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10K.Caash ranks his 5 favorite dances

The Texas artist breaks down his favorite dances that happen to have originated in his home state in this episode of Top 5.

April 22, 2019

Who created The Woah? There isn't a clear answer. And one person in the center of this murky debate is 10K.Caash, who has since used the viral momentum of the dance to push his rap career forward. The rapper recently stopped by The FADER to tell us his Top 5 dances. They all happen to have originated in Texas, but as he explains — they weren't always credited properly.


10k.Caash's favorite dances ranked:
5. The Devo
4. South Dallas Swag
3. The Dougie
2. The Rollie
1. The Woah

Watch the full interview above.


The featured song in the video is 10K.Caash's "Aloha."

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10K.Caash ranks his 5 favorite dances