The 20 best rock songs right now

April’s list includes Japanese Breakfast, Lucy Dacus, beabadoobee, and many more.

April 30, 2019
The 20 best rock songs right now Beabadoobee.   blackksocks

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Fat White Family, “Tastes Good With Money”

No song better sums up this British band’s louche and sleazyy new sound quite like “Tastes Good With Money.” Someone pass the wet-wipes.


Slow Pulp, "High"

Madison, Wisconsin’s Slow Pulp utilize the quiet-LOUD dynamic to excellent effect on their grunge-y new single.


Tame Impala, "Borderline"

Alas, not a Madonna cover — but another appetite-whetting taste of what’s to come from the recent Coachella headliners.



Better Oblivion Community Center, “Little Trouble”

Phoebe and Conor let loose on this raucous song released to coincide with the end of their North American tour.


Lucy Dacus, “My Mother & I”

“My mother hates her body/ We share the same outline,” ooft.


Japanese Breakfast, “Essentially”

A lot has changed for Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner since she last released new music, but this dreamy ‘80s throwback is proof she still has the ability to move us like no other.



The Drums, “Blip Of Joy”

Brutalism is the Drums’ bravest album to date, and closing track “Blip Of Joy” revels in the blessed relief of self-hatred disappearing — if only for a brief period of time.


Mannequin Pussy, “Drunk II”

Mannequin Pussy step things up on their first single since signing to major label Epitaph. Under the tutelage of emo’s go-to producer Will Yip, the punk band sound bigger than ever, even as guitarist and vocalist Marisa Dabice shrivels in a post-break up misery spiral.


Andrew Van Wyngarden and Connan Mockasin, “Bad Boys”

There’s a parallel existence where the MGMT frontman and New Zealand’s Connan Mockasin are capital-R rock stars. Their shared propensity for making decidedly unusual songs like “Bad Boys” are likely to forever confine them to cult status, but that same propensity also gifts us oddball moments like this.



beabadoobee, “Disappear”

London’s beabadoobee was racking up millions of streams before she signed to the 1975’s Dirty Hit label. One listen to the scuzzy “Disappear” and it’s easy to see why.


Aldous Harding, “Fixture Picture”

Aldous Harding’s new album Designer is a rich, pastoral waltz that defies pigeonholes. “Fixture Picture” is an immediate highlight as the New Zealander marries her unconventional side to an undeniable sense of melody.


Empath, “Roses That Cry”

The latest taste of Empath’s upcoming album Active Listening: Night on Earth feels like a beloved home about to collapse in on itself. Nobody is pulling beauty out of chaos like this New York band.



Bleached, "Shitty Ballet"

Jessica and Jennifer Clavin are back with the best song title of the month accompanying a track that, after a lot of strumming, explodes into life.


Just Mustard, "Frank"

A brooding and industrial song for people who can’t drop off at night without re-runs of The Office playing on Netflix for company.


Los Retros, "Someone To Spend Time With"

Los Retros is the work of California teen Mauri, who digs deep into the crates of Latin American left-field pop and soft rock groups from the 70s/80s for influence. This new single is a lovable daydream custom-built for whiling away the hours to.



Harlan, "Anyways"

Memphis-based Harlan Hutton battles the anxiety-inducing moments of a new relationship on this upbeat indie-pop banger.


Black Belt Eagle Scout, "Loss & Relax"

Katherine Paul is back with new music, less than a year after Saddle Creek reissued her glorious debut Mother Of My Children. “Loss & Relax” is the first taste of an upcoming 7” and was inspired by the changing purpose of the Salish Sea.


altopalo, "Mud"

Altopalo’s music can be tricky to classify, as it shape-shifts multiple times per song. “Mud,” the band’s first release since 2018 debut frozenthere, is no different, mixing tropical-pop influences with harsh and crushing noise elements. A group blazing their own trail.



Christian Alexander, “Going Thru”

The space between Mac DeMarco and Frank Ocean is home to many a teen bedroom pop artist. Britain’s Christian Alexander emerges from the pile with the stand-out song from his Summer ‘17 project.


Dumb, “Club Nites”

The scene in this video where the guy is trying to wash a stamp off his wrist is way too real. It’s not coming off, buddy!

The 20 best rock songs right now