Watch Björk’s amorphous video for “Tabula Rasa”

Fresh off the first dates of her Cornucopia residency in New York.

May 10, 2019

Björk has shared a new video for her song "Tabula Rasa," an Arca-co-produced track that appeared on her last album, 2017's Utopia. The animated clip depicts the Icelandic artist in an evocative state of flux, a warping metamorphosis in which her digitally rendered face remains the only constant. "The visual transformation of Björk into faun-like flowers and mountainous landscapes embodies the utopian concept of a harmonious coexistence between nature and human based on empathy," director Tobias Gremmler wrote in a statement.


The "Tabula Rasa" arrives just a few days after Björk kicked off her extravagant sci-fi odyssey Cornucopia, her eight-night New York City residency. Check out footage from its opening night here.

Watch Björk’s amorphous video for “Tabula Rasa”