Remember That Time: Meet Slim Jxmmi’s alter ego, D-Runk

One half of Rae Sremmurd kicks off the new absurdist series.

May 10, 2019

Remember the time that one unbelievable thing happened to you? Yeah, we can't believe that went down like that either... unless it was a little different than you recall. And you can bet that some of your favorite artists have even wilder stories that may have been clouded by time and other extracurricular substances. To document some of these very important events (for history's sake, of course) we've created a new series titled Remember That Time.


The first episode features the origin story of D-Runk, the version of Slim Jxmmi that pops up whenever he gets crunk. Jxmmi gives credit to his friend GUN for coming up with the name. He also recalls some of the moments of unbridled energy D-Runk displayed on tour. He closes with a pro tip on letting your inner D-Runk run free.

Watch the full interview above.

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Remember That Time: Meet Slim Jxmmi’s alter ego, D-Runk