Spend a night on the town with City Girls in the “Careless” video

Watch JT and Yung Miami party in visuals for the song from their Period album.

May 15, 2019

It says a lot about the energy and charisma of City Girls that their nascent star continues to climb even as one half of the Florida rap duo, JT, remains in jail on fraud charges. Along with her BFF and bandmate Yung Miami, JT was able to record and film videos before reporting for her 24-month sentence in July 2018.


One of the visuals is for "Careless," a song from the debut City Girls album Period. Released on Wednesday, the video shows the girls dancing and partying like no one's watching, especially the store owners they're stealing from. It's fun and carefree, what City Girls do best, but it's also slightly poignant to watch — when I spoke with Yung Miami last year, she spoke about her plans for JT's release. "I just wanna catch up and have fun, us two just take a sister’s vacation." It's not hard to imagine that vacation looking like the "Careless" video.

Spend a night on the town with City Girls in the “Careless” video