6 extreme ways to decorate your hair this summer

Step 1: pour slime on your head.

May 16, 2019

Ditch the boring ponytail and do something interesting with your life this summer! Here are six suggestions.

1. A big ass scrunchie

This is not your scrunchie from childhood. This is that scrunchie's outrageous older sibling. The one that always comes down in some extra ass outfit that doesn't really adhere to society's dress code protocols but it also somehow....works? And when they leave the house they end up getting lots stares but also whispers of admiration for their bravery. That's the big ass scrunchie. Check these wonderful holographic ones from India-inspired athleisure brand, Norblack Norwhite.

2. A loooooot of kooky clips

I have been obsessed with hair clips since 1. Solange featuring The Rainbow Clips from A Seat At The Table, and 2. since I stole these plastic teddy bear clips from my friend's sister's bathroom. It's true — the colorful, plasticky barrettes from your childhood are back in, and it's recommended that you wear maybe ten of them all at once. Take advantage of its form and function: keep the flyaways out of your face while looking fly! (Haha.) I like the ones from Australian brand Valet Studio, which offers selections ranging in texture, style, and size — your childhood clips but grown up a little.

3. Poofy headbands

We're clearly living in a world of excess because this is yet another thing that has been graduated in either size or count. Prada introduced these padded and poofy headbands in their Spring 2019 collection, and it became a big hit among the celebs — even Kate Middleton was spotted wearing it. It's cute because it's so bulky it exceeds our expectations of a headband, and almost ends up looking like a very thin hat, or velvety halo. Prada's headbands retailed for $300 - $1000 so grab a copycat instead, like these simple ones from Bluetiful.

4. Make your head a garden

I've been following experimental jewelry brand Rform Studios for years now, and they came out with their iconic vase earrings a while ago. More recently, they expanded a whole line of tiny vase creations, including a tiny vase brooch, choker, and hair pin. What rules about summer is all the lush vegetation that's begging to be collected. With Rform's vase pin, you can keep the blooms fresh and show them off at the same time.

5. Go bold with color paste

Temporary color has come a long way since my childhood days of rubbing schoolyard chalk in my hair. Vegan and cruelty-free hair dye company Good Dye Young makes these crazy saturated pastes (called Poser Paste) that you can rub in your hair and have it look actually good. Then, when you get tired of it, it just rinses right off! It's low commitment with high payoff. Do multiple colors for a real good time. It seems to also work well with natural hair too — so that's a win all around. Get it here.

6. ...Slime?

I don't.....know? New York brand Landlord did it for their Spring 2019 runway show and it.....worked for them? You can get slime for pretty cheap on the internet — just $5 from Michaels. Not sure how well it'll stand up to the sun though.

6 extreme ways to decorate your hair this summer