Take a trip into London’s dark heart with Nula’s “60 Minutes”

Check out the U.K. duo’s brand new video.

May 20, 2019

London duo Nula document the painful aftermath of a break-up in their soulful and futuristic new song "60 Minutes." The song's video, premiering above, takes its creative cue from the line "Cruising round all night, going back in time," and catches vocalist Nadiah Adu-Gyamfi, alongside musical partner Luke Osborne, take a late night trip into London's inner city where concrete buildings rub up against glass-fronted skyscrapers.


Speaking to The FADER, Adu-Gyamfi explained how the video came to be. "We shot the video in the space of literally one night on a long car journey into the cold heart of London's brutalist architecture," she said. "We drove around South East London and pressed record. For both of us it was very important for the streets, the journey, the tones, and the shapes to speak in a way that felt raw, unfiltered, and true to the creation of the song.

"'60 minutes' is about a psychological and spiritual journey to the finish line of a relationship. I guess this song is really about strapping on that seat belt and subconsciously speeding into that space and time to confront and locate that pain to finally put an end to it.When we wrote '60 Minutes' there was a lot of angst and pain that found release and new meaning and the video visualises this emotional journey. It felt empowering to stand up tall and confront these emotions front on - face to face."

Take a trip into London’s dark heart with Nula’s “60 Minutes”