Watch Anna Valena’s kaleidoscopic video for “Neon Wash”

“This song is about pushin thru shit in life when shit keeps coming at you.”

May 21, 2019

Anna Valena's debut single "Neon Wash" has arrived. The Atlanta-via-California singer has been working with DJ Burn One and The Five Points Bakery for a minute, and now, she's releasing the video for their collaborative track "Neon Wash." The kaleidoscopic visual depicts Valena atop a psychedelic mountainscape as she sings about pushing through the hard times. Check out the "Neon Wash" video above, and read Valena's statement below:


"I grew up in the bay, Cali been writing songs since I was kid a lot of shitty ones was doin random gigs out there n puttin shit out on soundcloud. Burn One was fckin with my soundcloud so we linked back up when I moved bak to the A and started workin with him and The Five Points Bakery. They definitely took my sound to the next level. A couple years later I got to work on the track "If You Want It" on the updated Superfly movie. It was a dope experience working with legends in the game. Neon Wash was actually supposed to be an instrumental track on the album Land of a Million Chords but I heard the beat and just started writing to it in the AM a cpl days before the project released. Some songs take a lot of back and forth with lyrics but this one jus hopped out all at once in a cpl hours. Kind of just happened that way n we decided to shoot a video for it and it became the first video we dropped. You never really know how the music will happen - everything jus came together. The song is about pushin thru shit in life when shit keeps coming at you and you can't see whats next. Its about going ur own way feeling ur way thru it listening to your own rhythm so there's not a lot of feedback around. You have to trust your own vision n see it thru."

Watch Anna Valena’s kaleidoscopic video for “Neon Wash”