Girlpool releases hazy, retro video “Minute In Your Mind”

“You just help me sink.”

May 22, 2019

Girlpool's third and latest LP, What Chaos Is Imaginary, is packed with 14 melancholy, dreamy, and surreal tracks. Today the band has released their music video for "Minute In Your Mind," one of the album's more synthy and crunchy songs. Directed by Amalia Irons, the video opens with a man in underwear jump-roping while wearing headphones. Throughout the video, Cleo Tucker is submerged in dark water, smoke and haze surrounding him as he mouths the words and looks into the camera. Irons presents cloudy blue, pink, and green visuals that are synonymous with Tucker's deep vocals over the gloomy instrumental. Harmony Trividad appears in a couple scenes standing close to Tucker, where they sing the lyrics together: "I'll be running all the time / To place it where I'm still like / My minute in your mind / You just help me sink." Other than the visuals of Tucker in the lake, what gives this video a particular retro vibe are the shots of the man in underwear lifting weights under a glowing blue light.


Watch the video above, and try not to fall into a trance.

Girlpool releases hazy, retro video “Minute In Your Mind”