Rah-C’s “Doja” video is a snack run from hell

The New York rapper is on a run and on the run in his latest music video.

May 22, 2019

Rah-C is a New York City rapper with a video for his new song "Doja" premiering today on The FADER. The day before the music video dropped, Rah-C tweeted about the clip's inspiration — it'll sound familiar if you had access to weed and transportation in your teens: "I wanted to bring back those senior year of high school vibes just hitting the gas station for snacks faded in the late night bc there wasn’t much else to do."


Steve Spontak's video starts off following that common narrative with lots of druggy special effects to hit home the song's addled, despondent tone. Things get a bit ambiguous and darker at the end, but again, no less relatable if you've smoked enough. Watch above. "Doja" appears on Rah-C's album Dark Matter, out now.

Rah-C’s “Doja” video is a snack run from hell