Watch Phoebe Green’s nostalgic and wistful “Dreaming Of” video

The rising U.K. artist shares her first music video.

May 28, 2019

The most norticeable thing about 21 year-old British artist Phoebe Green's "Dreaming Of" video are the colors. From the orange of her guitar to the fluffy pink TV, everything pops. Much like Green's music itself, there's a boldness and effortless confidence to it all.


Premiering above via The FADER, Green describes the "Dreaming Of" video as her "retro teen dream" and is filled with old-school technology, a dreamy band sequence and a DIY hall of mirrors. The sugary visuals belie a darker subject matter in the song, an indie-pop jam about refusing to compromise to a societal ideal.

Speaking via email, Green said: “I think being a young person today it’s so easy to let the way others perceive you determine your self worth. The past few years I have felt the need to change the way I behave in order to appease others, to fit into a box and to be compliant. I no longer want to dumb myself down or be a lesser version of myself so that I’m easier to digest, and ‘Dreaming Of’ is a passive aggressive, sugarcoated representation of that.

“Creating the video truly was a dream; working with a team of such wonderful, creative young people made me feel dead empowered and listened to. It honestly could be more of an accurate portrayal of every single thing I wanted my first music video to be aesthetically. I’m in love with it!”

Phoebe Green will play a short tour of libraries across the U.K. in June. Tickets are available here.

Watch Phoebe Green’s nostalgic and wistful “Dreaming Of” video