Lila Drew gets nostalgic in her new “nothing/seconds” video

The Los Angeles-via-London singer shares the newest clip from her locket (side one) EP.

May 30, 2019
Lila Drew gets nostalgic in her new “nothing/seconds” video Miriam Marlene

Lila Drew crafts polished bedroom pop, ideal mini-soundtracks for adolescent crushes and high school daydreams. Hot off the heels of her debut EP locket (side one), the Los Angeles-via-London singer is sharing a new video for two songs off the project, "nothing" and "seconds." The clip finds Drew scrapbooking together memories of better days. Read her statement to The FADER below:


"I made this video for my 2 songs “nothing” and ”seconds” with one of my best friends, Leila Tiedemann, in her bedroom. I couldn’t sleep one night and came up with the concept for the video — scrapbooking! I am really fascinated by nostalgia and the ways that childhood memories show up in our everyday lives, and thought that scrapbooking was the perfect way to express that visually. We made two mini scrapbooks, one for "nothing" and one for "seconds," using my original lyric sheets, old photos, my parents’ memorabilia from their teenage years, and lots of stickers. We honestly just kind of hung out and made some scrapbooks and filmed it! It is by far the simplest video I’ve ever made, but it’s also one of my favorites. We didn’t care about making it perfect, and I think that helped the process a lot. It’s so amazing to have products that you love that you made with your friends - it makes the whole experience so much more meaningful."

Lila Drew gets nostalgic in her new “nothing/seconds” video