The 20 best rock songs right now

May’s list includes Sufjan Stevens, Sleater-Kinney, Clairo, and many more.

May 31, 2019
The 20 best rock songs right now Clairo  

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Crumb, “Ghostride”

This Brooklyn-via-Boston band’s latest is a gorgeous earworm about keeping a relationship going against the odds.


Sleater-Kinney, “Hurry On Home”

To the shock of absolutely nobody, Sleater-Kinney x St. Vincent bangs.


girl in red, “Dead In The Pool”

A super-catchy indie pop tune that will probably end up being used as the theme tune for a grizzly and highly bingeable true-crime series.



Sufjan Stevens, “With My Whole Heart”

Sufjan said this came as a result of challenging himself to “write an upbeat and sincere love song without conflict, anxiety, or self-deprecation.” The results suit him.


Clairo, “Bags”

Chugging electric guitars and a lovelorn vocal combine to create Clairo’s best song to date.


Black Midi, “Talking Heads”

Black Midi are gearing up to release debut album Schlagenheim in June. On the basis of “Talking Heads,” it promises to be bold, disconcerting, and deeply weird.


Nasty Cherry, “What Do You Like In Me”

The Love Witch [Anna Biller; 2016]


Jarv Is, “Must I Evolve?”

Listening to the Pulp frontman deliver playful lines like “Dragging my knuckles/ listening to Frankie Knuckles” will always be a joy.


Slipknot, “Unsainted”

Slipknot are back with new masks and the rip-roaring intensity of a band half their age. “Unsainted” is wild.


Idles, “Mercedes Marxist”

British band Idles often look outwards in their music, singing songs about mental health, toxic masculinity, and the beleaguered NHS. “Mercedes Marxist” is more personal than that, but it comes with the same level of intensity that's propelled Idles directly into fans hearts.


Faye Webster, “Room Temperature”

A highlight from Atlanta Millionaires Club, Faye Webster makes perfect music to daydream to.


Inner Wave, “Mushroom”

This song literally features the line, “Seems too real/ Wanna keep it chill” — the manifesto for this group of L.A. slackers.


Sorcha Richardson, “Don’t Talk About It”

A brilliant song reminiscent of Courtney Barnett’s stream of conscious delivery about how biting your tongue (and ignoring a problem) only makes things worse.


Nathan Bajar, “Devil Girl”

Photographer and musician Nathan Bajar’s debut single gives Steve Lacy a run for his money in the low-slung bedroom-pop sex-jam stakes.


Florist, “Shadow Bloom”

Life for Florist’s Emily Sprague took a weird turn earlier this year when one of her songs was featured in Beyonce’s Homecoming documentary. She’s about to release new album Emily Alone, dropping the homely and meditative “Shadow Bloom” as an early taste of what to expect.


Metronomy, “Lately”

Metronomy once made a video with Michel Gondry, and it seems frontman Joseph Mount picked up some tips. He directed the “Lately” video, a charming and surreal ‘80s throwback complete with a loving homage to Honey I Shrunk The Kids.


Slaughter Beach, Dog, “One Down”

Now that Modern Baseball is on hiatus, Jake Ewald’s solo project is taking center stage. “One Down” is a slowly unspooling tale of arrested development, solo dining, and curling up in a ball of anxiety.


Men I Trust, “Norton Commander (All We Need)”

Press play on this song and watch your stresses float away like the warm wax in a lava lamp.


Stef Chura, “Sweet Sweet Midnight”

I could listen to Stef Chura and Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest deliver spoken-word verses at each other all day.


Lower Dens, “Young Republicans”

Lower Dens continue to evolve their sound, leaning into ‘80s synthpop on the first single from their new album The Competition. The soaring melodies of the song act as the sugary taste of a dark and confrontational look at Capitalism and its damaging effect it can have on a young family.

The 20 best rock songs right now