Nardwuar interviewed Billie Eilish (and her whole family)

Watch a deep dive into the O’Connell family.

June 03, 2019

Normally Nardwuar manages to get some insider info on an artist by bringing up their relatives in his notoriously well researched interviews. With Billie Eilish, however, that wasn't necessary as she had her whole family with her for the experience.


Filmed in Vancouver, BC Canada, the new interview involves Billie (obviously) but also her brother, Finneas, as well as both of her parents. In it we learn that Finneas love guitar straps, mom Maggie is a Kurt Vile fan, and dad Patrick was once in an episode of The West Wing. Nardwuar also handed Billie his usual array of gifts which, this time, included a compilation of Bay Area punk bands and a Hilary Duff sleeping bag. Check out the whole interview above.

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Nardwuar interviewed Billie Eilish (and her whole family)