Aaberg’s “Shallow” is a hushed observation

Hear a new single off the London artist’s sophomore album Jynx.

June 04, 2019
Aaberg’s “Shallow” is a hushed observation Andrew Finch

Aaberg is the alias of South London's Hunter Mockett. Last year he debuted with Albatross, and today, he's announcing the follow-up, Jynx. Its lead single "Shallow," premiering here today, is a hushed observation. Mockett sings in a whisper, letting his flexuous guitar work do most of the emotional undulating.


"'Shallow' was actually one of the first tracks written for the album and one of the last to be recorded," Mockett wrote to The FADER. "It has a few opposing forces running through it, which became kind of a theme on some of the tracks that followed for the album." Stream "Shallow" below, and preorder Jynx here.

Aaberg’s “Shallow” is a hushed observation