Madonna says Harvey Weinstein “crossed lines” with her

In a new Times profile, Madonna details her 1991 experience with the producer.

June 05, 2019
Madonna says Harvey Weinstein “crossed lines” with her Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

The New York Times Magazine has published a new feature on Madonna titled Madonna At Sixty. A colossal, 8000-word feature, the piece covers a lot of Madonna’s life as she prepares for the release of Madame X, her forthcoming record, which features the Swae Lee collab “Crave.”


In the profile, Madonna mentions the experience she had with Harvey Weinstein, the producer accused of assault and sexual misconduct by countless women in the film industry, while working on her 1991 tour documentary Truth or Dare, which was distributed by Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax. “Harvey crossed lines and boundaries and was incredibly sexually flirtatious and forward with me when we were working together; he was married at the time, and I certainly wasn’t interested,” Madonna told the magazine.

“I was aware that he did the same with a lot of other women that I knew in the business,” she said, “And we were all ‘Harvey gets to do that because he’s got so much power and he’s so successful and his movies do so well and everybody wants to work with him, so you have to put up with it.’”

She also noted that when the #MeToo movement began, she “was really like ‘Finally’,” but also that she’s “never going to cheer for someone’s demise.”

Read the full story here. Madame X is out next week.

Madonna says Harvey Weinstein “crossed lines” with her