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Rosalía and Bad Bunny unfollowed everyone on Twitter except each other

I am having a heart attack.

June 06, 2019
 Rosalía and Bad Bunny unfollowed everyone on Twitter except each other Stefan Ruiz / Camila Falquez

I'm not actually having a heart attack, but FADER cover stars and rising legends themselves Bad Bunny and Rosalía have actually unfollowed everyone on Twitter except for each other, according to my stalking of their profiles for the past half hour. While this does mean Rosalía is no longer following me, I'm overlooking it because this is definitely an indication that something is going on between the two.


Earlier this week the two were photographed eating food on a couch together, photos they both posted on their respective Instagrams. I didn't think much of them when I first saw them — just two icons becoming friends and getting to know each other — but I've truly lost all chill after today's turn of events. What could all of this mean? My hypotheses below:

1. They have a collaboration coming soon. My professional, music critic news brain tells me that this is the most likely answer for their unfollow-follow spree. Rosalía just dropped her new single "Aute Cuture," hinting at a new album coming later this year. And artists deleting their whole social media profiles to silently indicate they're releasing something isn't anything new.


2. They're going on tour together. Ditto the above, plus — imagine the rate at which those tickets would sell out.

3. They are dating. This is what my Twitter-broken stan heart tells me and I can't shake the earth-shattering possibility that this may be true. Imagine the power of this coupling.

4. They are embarking on a business venture together. Technically this could be considered the same as a tour, but also, maybe it's a line of punk-flamenco wear.


5. They both have short-term amnesia and can only remember the other person. It's a possibility.

6. They want to remember the meal they shared together forever by marking the occasion in stone via social media. Another sound possibility.

7. It's all just a weird coincidence, and Rosalía will be tweeting an apology soon and restore all of her former followers.


8. They got hacked, and we're all being fooled for nothing!

Either way, The FADER reached out to Rosalía's representatives for comment, and will update this post accordingly. In the meantime, read up on these legends!

Rosalía and Bad Bunny unfollowed everyone on Twitter except each other