Joji’s new “Sanctuary” video is an intergalactic experience

His first new single since BALLADS 1.

June 14, 2019

Joji is back with a new single, "Sanctuary." His first single since dropping BALLADS 1 last fall, it's a lofty eighties-referencing ballad, blanketed in some starry synths. The song is perfectly catchy as is, but the video — an ambitious space romp, directed by Eoin Glaister — hits it out of the stratosphere. The campy, miniature odyssey has it all: aliens aplenty, some spacey karaoke, glowing crystals and, uhh, a bowl of bloody cereal. Check it out above.


Earlier this year, Joji swung by the office for a round of Would You Rather, where he offered input on such pressing dilemmas as whether he'd rather start a new country on an island or on the moon. Check out the interview below.

Joji’s new “Sanctuary” video is an intergalactic experience