serpentwithfeet and Ty Dolla $ign unite for new song “Receipts”

Two of the best, most unique voices in R&B deliver in their collaboration.

June 26, 2019
serpentwithfeet and Ty Dolla $ign unite for new song “Receipts” (L) serpeantwithfeet in the "Receipts" single cover artwork (R) Ty Dolla $ign at Teen Vogue's Body Party. September 11, 2018.   (R) Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Teen Vogue

When Ty Dolla $ign started tweeting about his appreciation for serpentwithfeet's blisters EP, I was like, "Oh shit." When they started appearing in photographs together, I was like "Oh fuck." Now the two artists have released a new duet called "Receipts," and I'm not about to start cussing around such a lovely track. It's fully a serpentwithfeet track — sacred auras, tremulous vocals, and bursting with love — as opposed to the chart-topping rap-and-B bangers Ty Dolla is known for. Those are also great, of course, and serpentwithfeet should be on one immediately.


“I began writing ‘Receipts’ when I first moved to Los Angeles last summer,” serpentwithfeet wrote in a press statement. “I was and still am mystified by the city — the mountains, the men, the hummingbirds. I played an early demo for Ty Dolla $ign and he asked to join me on the track. This song carries a lot of weight for me because it’s a snapshot of two brothers rhapsodizing about unforeseen romance. Ty is a huge part of my L.A. story so ‘Receipts’ feels like a perfect document.”

serpentwithfeet and Ty Dolla $ign unite for new song “Receipts”